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  Turkish Newspapers

Aksam - Evening News
(Independent), Istanbul

Cumhuriyet - Republican
Istanbul based, left-wing oriented newspaper, one of the oldest newspapers of the Republic.

Dunya - World
Istanbul based newspaper focusing on political and financial news.

Fanatik - Hooligan
Istanbul based sports newspaper mainly focused on soccer, domestic league and transfer news.

Sports newspaper focused on recent soccer events, also domestic basketball and other sorts related news.

Gunes - Sun
Istanbul based conservative newspaper

Hurriyet - Independance
Istanbul based, center of the right, independent newspaper, co-operated with Dogan News Agency.

Milliyet - Nationality
Istanbul based liberal newspaper, co-oped with Hurriyet and Dogan News Agency

Istanbul based liberalist newspaper.

Sabah - Morning News
Istanbul based independent newspaper co-op'ed with the nation wide TV channel ATV

Center of the right newspaper published nation-wide.

Tercuman - Translator
Istanbul based conservative newspaper

Turkish Press
Includes daily anews and Turkish media review compiled by the Office of the Prime Minister.

 Turks US
World and Turkish news from various sources contributed by readers.

Turkish Daily News
(Liberal, English-language), Istanbul based liberalist newspaper, providing daily English news mainly about political and financial subjects within Turkey.

Istanbul based newspaper, provides daily news and critics on a nationalist and islamist basis.

Vatan - Hometown
Pro-liberal nationalist daily newspaper.

Vakit - Times
Islamist nationalist newspaper.

Voices Newspaper
Weekly newspapers in English based on Altinkum, Turkey.

Yeni Safak - New Day
Islamist wing daily newspaper.

Zaman - Time
Istanbul based Pro-Islamic daily newspapers' English version.

Republic of Turkey


Flag of Turkey

Location of Turkey

  Other Turkey Related

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Foreign Embassies in Turkey

German Embassy
U.S. Embassy
China Embassy
Denmark Embassy
Indonesia Embassy
France Embassy
South Africa Embassy
India Embassy
Holland Embassy
England Embassy
Israel Embassy
Sweden Embassy
Poland Embassy
Romania Embassy

News Agencies

Cihan News Agency
Istanbul, Turkey based news agency.

Anadolu News Agency
Capital Ankara based bi lingual, semi-official news agency, country-wide developed, respected local news source.

Anka News Agency
Capital Ankara based, independent news agency.

Dogan News Agency
Country wide developed news agency co operated with newspapers Hurriyet, Milliyet, and TV channel Kanal D.

Ihlas News Agency
Istanbul based trilingual news agency, country wide developed.

  Local Internet Media

Haber Turk
News 7
News 3
News Show
News X
Net News
Net Newspaper
News 1 1
Turkish Times
New Objektive
Digi Medya
Internet Ajans

 Local Newspapers in Turkey

Adiyaman Haber
Adiyaman, a city in the south eastern Turkey, adiyaman haber collects local daily news about the city.

Afyon Haber
Afyon is located at the Middle Zone of Anatolian territory, Afyons Haber provides information mainly about municipality and local politics.

Ag Bursa
Bursa is located in the Marmara region, right belove the Marmara Sea, Ag Bursa is a local newspaper focused on local politics and sports.

Alaiye Gazetesi Alanya
Alaiye is a town located in Antalya Turkey, a touristic destination of Turkey, local newspaper provides politic and touristic information about the city and the region.

Antakya Gazetesi Hatay
Antakya or Hatay, is right in the Middle South part of Turkey, on the Syrian border and Mediterranian coast, Newspaper provides municipality information and daily news.

Aydin Denge Gazetesi
Aydin is a city in the Aegean region, close to Izmir, newspaper is focused on local & national news and sports.

Aydin Ses
Aydin Ses is another local newspaper of the city, focuses more on city news and municipality.

Basak Gazetesi Osmaniye
Osmaniye is a new city in the south eastern part of Turkey, newspaper provides daily news and articles over demographic issues.

Batman Cagdas
Batman is another old city in te South-Eastern region, newspaper provides local political and financial news.

Batman Express
Another newspaper in Batman, mainly focused on politics and sports.

Batman Gazetesi
Major Batman newspaper, provides local and national news mainly about political and financial events.

Batman Postasi
Batman Postasi, or Batman Post, is a recently published magazine, focused on municipality activities and local events.

Bilgi Gazetesi Amasya
Amasya is located in the Middle Region of Turkey, famous with it's unique agriculture products, especially with apple. newspaper provides local news about the city.

Bizim Kocaeli
Kocaeli is a industrially developed city close to Istanbul, newspaper focuses on local and national politics, also sports mainly on soccer.

Bolu Gundem
Bolu is located between Istanbul and Ankara, famous with its' foods and recipes, weekly magazine provides recent news and interviews.

Bolge Gazetesi Istanbul
One of Istanbul's local newspapers, Bolge Gazetesi focuses on politics, travel, shopping and municipality activities of this big city.

Burasi Canakkale
Canakkale is located on western part of the Marmara region, between Marmara and Aegean seas. Newspaper is focused on politic and financial news on a nationalist basis.

Bursa Hakimiyet
One of the major newspapers published in Bursa, provides daily news about the city on a conservative basis.

Bolu Olay
Another major newspapers of the city, providing local news and recent financial events.

Bolu`nun Sesi
Independent newspaper of Bursa, provides critics and articles from the readers.

Bolu'da Yenihayat
Newly developed Bursa newspaper, providing youristic guides and daily news about Bursa.

Canakkale Olay
Provides local news about the Aegean coast historical city.

Cankiri'nin Sesi
Cankiti located in the mid-eastern part of Turkey, Cankiri'nin sesi is the major local newspaper.

Cumra Postasi Konya
Konya is located in the middle region, close to capital city Ankaca, Cumra Post provides breaking news about Cumra and Konya.

Degisim Gazetesi Eregli
Eregli is located in the northern region, an important location for Black Sea fishing and natural resources as coal, Degisim Gazetesi focuses on local news and financial events.

Denizli Haber
Denizli is on the Western part of Turkey, famous with it's rooster, Denizli News provides information about the city and local news.

Denizlili is another major newspaper of Denizli.

Duzce Damla
Duzce is located on the western part of the Black Sea region, has a multi-cultural demographic structure, Duzce Damla is major newspaper of the city on a conservative basis.

Edirne'nin Sesi
Edirne is located is the north-western part of the Turkey, on the Greece borders, mutually important for customs, newspaper provides local news and classifieds.

Ekohaber Bursa
Ekohaber is major financial newspaper of Bursa.

Ekspres Gazetesi Adana
Adana is located on the South region, endustrially developed city, Adana Express provides local political and financial news.

Elbistan'in Sesi K. Maras
Maras is located on the south-eastern region. Newspaper provides local news about Elbistan and Maras.

Erzurum Gazetesi
Erzurum is located on the Eastern part of Turkey, a well developed city. Newspaper provides financial and municipality news about the city.

Eshaber Eskisehir
Eskisehir is on the North-western part of Turkey, a city with a big educational life, eshaber focuses on local political and student news.

Gazete Ankara
Local press of the capital city Ankara, provides news from the Turkish parliament and also municipality news from Ankara.

Gazete Besiktas Istanbul
Besiktas is a big town on the Bosphorus coast of Istanbul. Newspaper provides municipality news, travel guide to local touristic places and recent news about town's country-wide famous soccer team. Giresun Isik
Giresun is located on the northern region, newspaper provides local agricultural and politic news about the city.

Guncel Gazetesi G. Antep
Antep is located on the south-eastern part, newspaper provides local municipality, politic and sports news from the city.

Gunebakis Gazetesi Trabzon
Trabzon is the largest city on the northern region, newspaper provides local political, financial and sports news.

Haber Alanya Antalya
Alanya is a touristic town of the largest touristic city of Turkey, Antalya, Alanya Haber provides local news from the city.

Haber Antalya
Haber Antalya is the major local newspaper of Antalya, Turkey.

Haber Ekspres Izmir
Izmir is located on the western region, on the Aegean coast, most significant city of Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. Newspaper provides news about the city and the region on a wide range of topics.

Hakimiyet Gazetesi Konya
Another major newspaper of the middle region city.

Hatay Gazetesi
Hatay is located on the southern part of Turkey, next to Syrian borders, has a multi-culturel demographic structure. Newspaper provides local news about the city and the neighbour arabic region.

Kadikoy Gazetesi
Kadikoy is a big town on Istanbul, newspaper provides local news, real estate classifieds and information about the town's country-wide famous soccer team.

Karadeniz Gazetesi Trabzon
Karadeniz Gazetesi is another major newspaper of Trabzon, largest city on the northern region.

Kastamonu Postasi
Kastamonu is located on the western side of the northern region. Newspaper provides local political and financial news.

Malatya Haber
Malatya is located on the eastern region, newspaper provides local political and municipality news from the city.

Sandikli Gazetesi Afyon
Afyon is located on the Middle Region, newspaper provides local news about Sandikli town and Afyon city.

Mucadele Gazetesi Siirt
Siirt is a large city on the south eastern region. Newspaper provides local news about the city.

Siyasal Birikim Kars
Kars is located on the very northern-south part of Turkey, left-wing newspaper provides local news and features articles.

Sorgun Postasi Yozgat
Yozgat is located on the eastern region, Sorgun Post provides information and local news about Sorgun town and Yozgat city.

Tarsus Haber Mersin
Mersin is a major city on the south region, newspaper features local news and classifieds.

Tellal Kutahya
Kutahya is located on the western region, Tellal provides political and financial news from the city.

Yasam Gazetesi Istanbul
Yasam Gazetesi is another local newspaper of Istanbul, provides travel guides, municipality and politic news.

Yeni Asir Izmir
Yeni Asir is the major daily newspaper of the western region located in Izmir.

Yeni Haber Kocaeli
Yeni haber is another major newspaper of Kocaeli, a well developed city next to Istanbul.

Yeni Sakarya
Sakarya il located on the northern region, newspaper focuses on local political and sports news.

Yeni ulke Sivas
Sivas is a well developed and populated city on the eastern region, Yeni Ulke features articles, political and financial news about the city.

Yuksekova Haber Hakkari
Hakkari is located on the very south eastern part of Turkey, newspaper provides local news from the city.

Zonguldak Inanis Gazetesi Zonguldak is a city on the northern region, important for it's natural resources as coal. Newspaper provides local political, municipality and sports news from the city.
 Nation-wide TV Channels

Best TV
Cine 5
Cine +Digital
CNN Turk
Flash TV
Fox TV
Haber Turk
Kanal 7
Kanal D
Number One
Kral TV
Kanal 1
Show TV
Star TV
Super Kanal
Star Digital
TV 8
Ulusal Kanal

Major Local TV Channels

Meltem TV
Kon TV - Konya
Kanal A - Turks in Europe
Ege TV - Aegea
As TV - Bursa
Gunes TV - Malatya
Kanal 54 - Sakarya
Kibris GenC TV - Cyprus
Koroglu TV - Bolu
Pir TV - Religional
Olay TV - Bursa
Sun RTV - Mersin

 Radio Channels

Acik Radyo
Akra FM
Alem FM
Ask FM
Balins FM
Best FM
Capital Radio
Cem FM
Davet Radyo
Dogus FM
Dost FM
FM Izmir 101
Istanbul FM
Joy FM
Kent FM
Kolej FM
Kral FM
Lokum FM
Magic FM
Metro FM
Moral FM
Olay FM
Power FM
Power Turk
Radio Contact
Radyo 5
Radyo 7
Radyo 15
Radyo 92.3
Radyo 99
Radyo 9 Eylul
Radyo Anadolu
Radyo Bogaz
Radyo BogaziCi
Radyo Dunya
Radyo Eksen
Radyo Klas
Radyo Malatya
Radyo Melodi
Radyo Merhaba
Radyo Metropol
Radyo Mydonose
Radyo ODTu
Radyo Poyraz
Radyo sampiyon
Radyo Tatlises
Radyo Viva
Radyo On
Show Radyo
Super FM
sirinnar FM 101
Veys FM
Yon FM

  Local Banks

Albaraka Turk
Alternatif Bank
Anadolu Bankasi
Arap Turk Bankasi
Bank Asya
Bank Ekspres
Bank Pozitif
Garanti Bankasi
Is Bankasi
Kuveyt Turk
Merkez Bankasi
MNG Bank
Oyak Bank
Turk Ekonomi Bankasi
Turkish Bank
Turkiye Finans
Turkiye Kalkinma Bankasi
Turkiye Sinai Kalk. Bankasi
Yapi Kredi
Ziraat Bankasi

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